As the home of the famed Alta Ski Area, which trained the 10th Mountain Regiment in mountain warfare during WWII, Utah has long served as supplier, trainer, and home to the brave men and women who put their boots on every morning to defend freedom and liberty.

Utah is currently the home state to over 40,000 military members and their families (active duty, reserves, and National Guard).  To help protect these military families, Utah has undertaken significant efforts to promote and protect the voting rights of our military.  Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell and his elections officials have worked hard to make Utah a leader in protecting our Heroes and a Heroes Vote Initiative All-Star-State.

When the MOVE Act was passed, many states filed for waivers or tried to find ways to avoid dealing with the 45 day deadline.  Utah, on the other hand, undertook an ambitious plan to completely revamp and rearrange their electoral administration to better serve military and overseas voters.  Thanks to the efforts of Utah’s Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Utah Legislature  andelection officials statewide, registering to vote and voting itself is even more accessible for members of our military from Utah.

The State of Utah is striving to make voting for military and overseas voters as simple and convenient as possible.  Utah was one of the first three states nationwide to offer online voter registration.  Utah is currently the only state to offer both online registration and an online absentee ballot application.

There is no right or responsibility more important than voting.  No matter where in the world a service member is, he or she can be assured that Utah will help protect that right.  Utah has ensured our Heroes can say, “I Voted.”

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