Don’t Be Silenced on Election Day

As a U.S. service member, you and your families have long known the meaning of sacrifice.  From long deployments overseas to friends who didn’t make it home, you have given your all to protect this great nation and you are a proud member of the 1% having done so.

Your sacrifice, however, does not and should not include your right to vote.  Like all Americans, you share in our fundamental civic duty of our Democracy—that is, to select the men and women who will lead our nation over the next several years.

These decisions in 2012 will have a great impact on our country and you and your families lives.  Our elected leaders will make important decisions regarding:

  • Military pay and retirement benefits;
  • Health care for military members and their families;
  • Military family quality of life of issues;
  • Technology to keep service members out of harm’s way; and
  • Jobs for those service members leaving active duty.

As a citizen soldier, you have fought for basic liberties around the globe.  It is time to fight for those rights at home.  Stand up and make sure that your voice is heard on Election Day.  You have earned it.

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